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All in One

Posted by Jordan Seitz on Sunday, October 30, 2016, In : Elk 

All in One

September 2, 2016

Jordan Seitz


So much anticipation precedes the first hunt of the year. In fact, a person usually has such a hard time sleeping that they are up well before their alarm. This was the case for me...until I fell back asleep and woke up 40 minutes late because my alarm wasn’t loud enough. It’s a good thing I had packed everything the night before because I went into near panic mode getting ready and out the door. When I’m hunting, I loathe tardiness.

Bombing down th...

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A Laughing Matter

Posted by Jordan Seitz on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, In : Elk 

A Laughing Matter    

-Jordan Seitz-

With a buzz and a ring,

My alarm emitted its sounds.

Another one of those 3:30am mornings,

Where I’d drive to my hunting grounds.

A shower, some food, some coffee,

Then I was out the door.

The clock said I was running late,

So the pedal got pushed to the floor.

90 minutes later I shifted into park,

Where for 3 days I’d leave the truck.

Threw the day’s gear together;

Grabbed my bow; shouldered my ruck.

Faint rays of light erased the stars,

As I hopped the cree...

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Radical Change

Posted by Jordan Seitz on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, In : Elk 

Radical Change
Jordan Seitz

While cooking fresh grouse over a small fire at my season’s end, I concluded that bivying in the snow in a place devoid of elk didn't seem fun anymore. If my goal was to kill an elk within 36 hours, then I needed to radically change my plans.

Hours later, I was 1000 feet lower with four bulls in earshot!
The bull I decided to focus on wasn't just bugling anymore, but screaming like he owned the mountain and covering ground fast, so I dodged through the aspen and stop...

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