Skull Cleaning Techniques
Last Update: October 2016
Updated Pages:
Cleaning Page: Pressure Spraying notes
Gallery Page: New Pronghorn and Deer pics
Whitening Page: Skull in ziplock with peroxide pics
Blog Page: Started my GoneWalkabout blog to record hunting notes and stories.
Upcoming: Pics and notes for caping, pics of simmering and pressure spraying

This bull sat in my buddy's shed for 6 years before I got my hands on it. Cleaned up real nice!
Skulling is the art of taking an animal's raw skull, and turning it into a specimen that can be proudly displayed. Common names for skulling creations are skull mounts, and European mounts (technically, a true European mount has the lower portion of the skull cut off so that it lays flush on a board without any teeth). A western mount is the skull and its upper teeth but no jaw.

This site will focus on deer, antelope, and elk skulls, but the processes described can be modified for any other skull (coyote etc) and adapted for antlers.

Skull pictures come from my own harvests, from donation, from dead-heads, or are skulls I cleaned for friends.

The process, when done right, is time consuming and requires much patience. However, it can be done with little investment, and is a great way to display large and small trophies.


I have neither the space nor the money to have my racks displayed in shoulder or full body mount fashion. Additionally, I truly like the "look" of a skull. Over the years, and through much research, trial and error, I have been improving my techniques for cleaning skulls. 

I grew up in Michigan, hunting white-tails out of tree stands and off the ground. I cleaned a few skulls over the years, but it wasn't until I moved to Wyoming that I began cleaning multiple skulls every year and perfecting my methods. As I improved my methods, it became increasingly hard to tell people how to do it, or to remember little tips I'd learned. I couldn't find a skull website that had comprehensive instructions, therefore I decided to create my own with knowledge I've gathered off the web, from other professionals, and from my own trial and error.


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