Don't mount it, yet display it in a showy manner.....A bit of a paradox....

Enter: the Antler Un-Mount!

By cutting your antlers and skull plate at the proper angle, you can grind and balance them so that they can freely stand by themselves on a shelf. Clean the skull cap, degrease, saw and grind until they are balanced, whiten, and then display! You can use epoxy clay to balance mis-cut skull plates.

Have some awesome shed antlers you'd like to display as well? Recent reproduction skull products have made this easy and possible for 50-100 bucks. These are available for deer, pronghorn, elk, moose, etc.

 Synthetic Skulls for Shed Antlers

   Two main companies for reproduction skulls. Pinchback can be bought from Research Mannikins Taxidermy Supply and VanDykes Taxidermy Supply. Mountain Mikes can be bought at big hunting stores and his own website. 

Mountain Mike's Reproductions     Pinchback Reproductions

Top skull is real. Bottom two are sheds mounted on Mtn Mike reproductions.

 The skulls at bottom are real. However, all the "racks" on the pole are all sheds that have been mounted to Mtn Mike skull caps.

Other Ways to Mount Shed Antlers

Recoloring Antlers:

Use burnt umber paint, or the most recommended: Potassium Permanganate

Link to an example:

Link to a tutorial for using potassium permanganate on You can buy the stuff here.

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