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I found a Bighorn Sheep Ram Skull in 2018! 
On a sufferfest of a horn hunt, I noticed a small portion of a skull poking through the grass. On closer inspection, it proved to be a ram skull without its horn sheaths! I looked around but couldn't find them. As I was packing up, for some reason I kicked at a rotten piece of log that had strange fungus growing on it...and flipped over one of the sheaths! Then I spent more time on my hands and knees digging and clawing at the grass and mud. As a last resort, I took my trekking pole and began jabbing all around the area I thought the second sheath might be. I was about to give up when I heard a "tonk tonk tonk." And I pried the second from the mud! The skull was in impressively good condition, and though the sheaths were mainly intact, they were in rough shape and were rank from rotting in the mud.
Original condition of the horn sheaths:

Cleaning the skull and restoring the horn sheaths:

First Wash:

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